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Launch from 14 days
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CRM - icon
  • Clients
  • Cars
  • Payments
  • Price formation and zones management
  • Orders
  • Critical controllers
  • Delict module
  • Module of goals
  • Telephony
  • Registrations return
  • Omniusability with messengers
APP - icon
  • App for Apple and Android
  • Tried and Tested UX design
  • Languages adaptation of the apps
  • Adaptation of the app due to local requirements
  • Photo fixation
  • Security, fixation of the car control transfer
BOT - icon
  • Cars management
  • Emergency opening for employees
  • Setting aims
  • Registration of damages
  • Simplified parallel functionality
options - icon
  • Server optimization
  • Setting of the payments, sms, email notifications
  • Make cars engineering
  • Shops registration at AppStore and PlayMarket
  • Arranging of marketing
  • Provide IT support
  • Individual design development

Benefits of working with us

tried and tested convenience for a user
High fall-over protection
an error is impossible to happen
Full software package that includes:
CRM + apps + BOT
We are the authors and developers of the software
we know every letter in the code
We are the professionals
we will help you on every stage of the product introduction
We know what you will need
on every stage
Working soft
in real companies
Convenient to use
as for users, so for employees
and setting software for your needs